Saturday, November 16, 2013

Poetic Tears


Clear drops rolling down hills, plains, in and out of valleys.

Heaviness weighs down the journey.

Tradewinds blowing thru the glass, drying the dew making her barren as the desert.

Time never heals the decay caused by its existence.

In a blink, the palm trees sway as life once again ticks away.

There are moments in life that I feel the need to write. One of those moments for me is when I'm feeling down.  I wrote this poem as I sat in my new home, gazing out the louver windows. Bad luck seemed to be a constant shadow in my life and I couldn't get away from him.  Every turn he was there.  "Why won't he leave me alone?"  My heavy heart weighed me down.  I was handed a bowl of cherries and darn it they were all nasty.  There was just too many rotten ones!  Tears flowed uncontrollably down my cheeks as I stared at the ocean in the far distance-without really seeing it.  Sitting on the lanai floor on that calm sunny Sunday while inside I was in turmoil, my pain poured into words.  As I read my feelings on paper, a mid-day breeze broke through the windows drying my tears and the cool air soothed the ache.  It was over, gone, finito.  I wrote the last line and it felt like a huge load was taken away.  My poems are inspired by my emotions: happiness, pain, trepidation, etc.  Each poetry piece, short or long, is a time capsule of my experiences and emotions--sort of a personal therapist without all the bills.

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