Thursday, November 17, 2011

A New Journey

I am beginning a new journey; it is something I have always dreamt of doing.  I am partially motivated by wanting to document those beautiful memories and tragic stories passed down to me as a child.  My dream has always been to write and become an author, not necessarily become famous or rich at it, but to see my words on paper inspire another individual.  With some encouragement from my husband and my colleagues, I am finally taking this bold step.  The true inspiration for this journey is my heroine: my mother.  Without her love, support, advice, and gentle heart, I would not be treading lightly in this wild earth.  She lived a full life and unfortunately she is not here to share in my passion.  Her short albeit dramatic voyage in this thing called life ended with leukemia in 1997.  She is the muse for my first novel, which is loosely based on her life and times.  As I fully realize where I'm going now, I hope you will tag along with me on this passage.  I do not have a fancy degree or an illustrous writing career to offer my audience, only my written words fueled by a fire from deep within my soul.  I hope my writings are sincere and honest, full of emotion and passion, that you feel yourself escape into the little world I weave.  See you there...

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